Stumbling to the Platform III: The Finale!


I feel so grateful to have my very first powerlifting meet be such an incredible event! Raleigh Ruckus, hosted by USPA East, was just awesome – the directors, judges, event staff, the gym, and the competitors. Everyone was so incredibly friendly and supportive of everyone achieving greatness… and that’s not an atmosphere you can find just anywhere.

It’s been quite the rollercoaster to get to this point (I’ve shared a few of my feelings during training in Part 1 and Part 2 of my blog!), and now that it’s over, I’m a little sad.

But also super excited to train for my next meet!

I learned a few things about myself this meet:

  1. I’m stronger than I think. Apparently I’ve been holding back on myself because I was surprised with how good my squats felt!
  2. I don’t like to be uncomfortable. Just ONE DAY of cutting weight (thanks to my fiancé’s wrestling protocol) and I was fighting myself to not give up every 2 seconds. The slightest hint of thirst. The sight of a drop of water. The first sign of warmth in the sauna or hot tub. My brain begged me to give up, but I knew I could push through, that the discomfort was more mental than physical. Something to work on for sure.

Squat Attempts

I kept all my openers pretty low since I had no idea what to expect stepping on the platform.

I competed in the 67.5kg weight class. I had to cut a couple pounds to compete in this weight class, so I’m considering bumping up to the 75kg class? At weigh ins, I was 66.5kg/146.3lbs.

The meet started off with squats.

⚪️Opener: 92.5kg/ 203.9 lbs
⚪️Second: 100kg/ 220.5 lbs
⚪️Final: 105kg/ 231.5 lbs – a 16lb PR!

My squats felt pretty smooth and great overall, and I kind of wish I had attempted more (hindsight is 20/20, right??). But, super happy overall, and excited to see how I progress as I continue training.

My belt is from Pioneer Fitness and it was a huuuuge change from my little velcro belt I was using before, but I love it now that I have a few tricks to getting it on tight enough haha.

I originally purchased another set of knee sleeves, but they were excruciating to get on. I switched to Strong House Project knee sleeves after several recommendations and ohhhhh myyyy goooooosh 😍 they felt like butter going on, gave me the support I needed, and helped me be a badass hitting a new personal best on my squat! I only used them once before the meet, so I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve with these.

Bench Press

Training bench for this meet was quite the experience. I’ve never really trained bench much – I mean, I actively avoided chest work as much as possible, if I’m being honest – but it’s been exciting to get stronger at it!

This is the one lift I had a failed attempt at, but I still felt pretty dang proud of how close I got to getting 😱

Definitely will be playing with my grip width in the next couple weeks to see what feels best and makes me strongest in this lift

Since @dr.scott_councilman was busy giving me a lift off he wasn’t able to get my first 2 attempts, but here is my final and failed attempt.

⚪️Opener: 50kg/ 110.2 lbs
⚪️Second: 55kg/ 121.3 lbs (a 6lb PR!)
🔴Final: 60kg/ 132.3 lbs – so close but a fail

My amazing fiancé bought me custom wrist wraps by Pioneer Fitness that say ‘Strength’ and ‘Faith’, which I absolutely love. Again, I only got to try these out once before the meet, so we’ll see how they continue to help as I go forward with my training for the next meet!


Oh deadlift… how I love and hate you 🙃

I ended up tweaking my back just a bit during my final bench attempt, and my lower left back was super tight before deadlifts. We did a bunch of muscle work, but I decided to play it safe and drop my numbers. A bit of a hit to my ego, but better that than risk injury 🤷🏻‍♀️

⚪️Opener: 102.5kg/ 226 lbs
⚪️Second: 107.5kg/ 237lbs
⚪️Final: 112.5kg/ 248 lbs

Really looking forward to working on my deadlift technique and upping this weight! I may go back to trying conventional as well, we’ll see how it goes!



Final Thoughts

The community and atmosphere at Raleigh Ruckus was simply amazing to say the least! Every single person I encountered was excited, supportive, and friendly. Even though it was a competition, it didn’t feel like everyone was competing with each other – everyone was cheering for everyone to succeed!

A special thank you to @uspa_north_carolina @kelleyspohrer and @axselle93, who gave so much advice and support leading up to this event, and during the event. I appreciated every person who offered a little tip, helped with warm ups, or just said good luck. I can’t wait for the next meet!


P.S. – I also have all my attempt videos up on my Instagram.

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